Monday, 13 March 2017

Afternoon Tea at Bodnant Welsh Food

I love a bit of afternoon tea, who doesn't?! Don't get me wrong, I love a night out too but lets face it, they are few and far between these days! It can be tricky to organise a date with my girls as we all have busy lives but I bloody love a good catch up with them (especially when it involves cake and tea). We wanted to try somewhere new for our lunch this time so decided on Bodnant Welsh Food Centre. I've actually been there once before but it was when they'd just opened and I was newly pregnant with Oliver. Elsie came with us too (she is our littlest member of our girl gang after all!) so Aled ands Oliver could have a bit of quality time together, something they were in need of as he's a proper Mummy's boy at the moment and is 'no' central for his Daddy.

I thought about Bodnant for afternoon tea after I saw a deal on Groupon. Unfortunately, the offer was sold out for the day we were going but decided to go there anyway. Afternoon tea was £22 between two people and you get loads! I shared with Nat and Leanne just ordered some cake on its own but to be honest there was more than enough for the three of us. You get sandwiches, a pork pie, sausage roll, scone with clotted cream and jam, chocolate cake/victoria sponge cake, welsh cakes, bara brith and a good old pot of tea. It was so good and definitely worth the money. And Aled was pretty pleased with all the leftovers I took home!

Elsie was very well behaved on her first girls day out bless her (apart from peeing all over herself when I went to change her nappy, hence the costume change!). Naturally she wanted in on the food action, she's her mamas daughter after all, so I gave her a piece of bread to nibble on. It was her first time sitting in a high chair out and about too, she looked so little sat at the end of the table 💗

She's struggling like crazy with her teeth at the moment. There is a definite little lump on her bottom gum since Thursday and she's hardly napped in the day since then. She's not too bad in the night (waking about twice, but settles straight away after a bottle like her big brother used to). Hopefully it'll pop through this week! She's really close to crawling too so it could be a big week for her :)

Nat and Leanne are my two closest friends, I can tell them anything and we are there for each other through the good times and bad. They never fail to cheer me up and I'll always be grateful for them not disowning me for only wanting to talk about baby related subjects for the last three years! I've known them both since we were in sixth form but we all went to different schools (it was one of those friend of a friend situations when you just click and here we are 11 years later). I love them both like sisters, which is exactly why they are godmummys to both of my babies 💗

Along with the cafe, there's also a farm shop and a restaurant at Bodnant Welsh Food Centre too. I've never been to the restaurant (a bit too posh for our tastes), but the farm shop is lovely. It's quite expensive but there are some nice things to buy as a treat. I got Aled a couple of beers from the new wine shop (well Nat bought him some as I forgot my purse... 🙄🙈).

So if you are local, I'd definitely recommend the cafe for some lunch or afternoon tea. Have a look at their website for anymore information :)


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