Thursday, 23 March 2017

Ella's Kitchen Stage 2 Goodies

We were lucky enough to be sent some goodies from Ella's Kitchen last week for Elsie to try. As she's turned 7 months old now, there's a whole new range of their foods that she can try (Stage 2). In the box was four different meal pouches (fish pie, beef stew, bangers and mash and the new chilli con carne) and two packed of the melty puffs (strawberry & banana and tomato & leek). The pouches are the perfect consistency to move onto after the stage 1 purees so easy for them to adjust to. 

Monday, 20 March 2017

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

We all know the standard Mother's Day gifts (flowers, chocolate and maybe a bottle of wine) which, don't get me wrong I'll be more than happy with on Sunday! But if you were after something more for your Mum (or Grandma) then I've put together a few of my favourite Mother's Day picks....

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Elsie's 7 Month Update

Well I did think this would be the month I could finally say that Elsie's cut a tooth.... but it never happened! She has had a definite lump on her bottom gum for 10 days now and you can see a bit of white sometimes but still no sign of the little bugger popping through. She's not been suffering too badly though thankfully. I did think she'd start crawling too (Oliver started crawling two days before he turned 7 months old) but she's not quite there yet. I think we're close though, she's almost mastered it and is so determined to be on the move. God help us once she is, nothing will be safe!!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Siblings Project // March 2017

We took this months photos at our local RSPB Nature Reserve in Conwy. They've got a play area with sand thats free to visit and I completely forget about it. It's only a two minute drive from the house so I'm going to try and get down there more often. It was especially nice to go there now that the weather is brightening up a bit and spring seems to have arrived. We didn't even have to wear coats it was that nice! Elsie ate her fair share of sand (she found it absolutely fascinating, which is why I couldn't get her to look at the camera!) and Oliver tipped a spade full of sand all over me and Elsie when I wasn't looking which went everywhere 😂🙈

Monday, 13 March 2017

Elsie's Bedroom Tour

Cot bed: Mothercare // Chair: IKEA // Cloud Cushion: Mamas and Papas
A few of you have been asking for a room tour of Elsie's nursery, so here it is! I have always dreamt of decorating a nursery for a daughter one day and I absolutely love how Elsie's room turned out. Her bedroom has a cloud theme, which developed from having the pink mountains (which were the first thing I knew I'd want in her room after 1787450187 hours spent on Pinterest). The room is painted in Dulux 'Just Walnut', just like Oliver's bedroom, and the pink mountains feature wall is painted using Leyland 'Pure Romance'.

Afternoon Tea at Bodnant Welsh Food

I love a bit of afternoon tea, who doesn't?! Don't get me wrong, I love a night out too but lets face it, they are few and far between these days! It can be tricky to organise a date with my girls as we all have busy lives but I bloody love a good catch up with them (especially when it involves cake and tea). We wanted to try somewhere new for our lunch this time so decided on Bodnant Welsh Food Centre. I've actually been there once before but it was when they'd just opened and I was newly pregnant with Oliver. Elsie came with us too (she is our littlest member of our girl gang after all!) so Aled ands Oliver could have a bit of quality time together, something they were in need of as he's a proper Mummy's boy at the moment and is 'no' central for his Daddy.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Must Haves // Hospital Bag

Packing your hospital bag is such an exciting time! It means you're getting closer to that due date you're counting down to and it's another reason to nest and 'faff' (which I bloody love). Obviously, there's much more than these 10 items that you'll need to pack in your hospital bag but I couldn't pack mine without these. For a full list of items to take, have a look at Mothercare's online list.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Elsie's Weaning Journey 4-6 Months

Weaning is such an exciting time for baby and parent. It's a huge milestone and wether you chose to start at 4 or 6 months, it should be when baby is ready so that it's not rushed and this fun new stage can be enjoyed by everyone. Oliver and Elsie were/are big babies and have big appetites. I knew Elsie was ready to start weaning at 4 months as she was watching us like a hawk when we were eating, constantly trying to grab our food and 8oz bottles were barely keeping her full for 2 hours instead of the usual 4 hours.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

How to Make a Memory Frame

I get quite a few people asking me how I made Oliver and Elsie's newborn memory frames so I thought I'd share a quick how-to guide. I originally got the idea for the frames from Pinterest when I was pregnant with Oliver, I loved the idea of having one of his first sleep suits up on the wall with other little bits of memorabilia from the hospital so I could always look back at it rather than them being stored away in a box somewhere. Plus the frames are a lovely addition to their bedrooms.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Must Haves // Pregnancy

Before we start, I am in no way saying that you must buy these products when you're pregnant, but for me, they were 'must haves'. I'll be doing similar posts for a hospital bag essentials and newborn baby buys. So here's what I couldn't live without when I was pregnant with Elsie...


Thursday, 2 March 2017

World Book Day 2017

There was only ever going to be one choice for World Book Day this year... the Gruffalo! Oliver is absolutely obsessed with the Gruffalo. To be honest, he's a fan of most of the Julia Donaldson books, the Gruffalo is his favourite but the Gruffalo's Child, Stick Man, the Room on the Broom and Zog are also high up there. He asks us to read the book to him every day (even though he knows them off by heart and could read them to himself!) and is never without one of the characters from the story. He loves the mini films of the books too, acting out the whole thing while it's on which is really cute but pretty loud and dramatic, no idea where he gets his performer characteristic from! His obsession has helped us get him interested in jigsaws, drawing and painting too which I'm really grateful for.

I got an email from Asda about a month ago selling costumes for World Book Day which got me searching for an outfit for Ollie straight away. He's not one for cooperating in fancy dress yet so when I found this onesie in the sale on Debenhams online, I knew it would be a winner with him. Plus with it being in the sale, double winner.

I'm a huge fan of reading to the kids, I think it's a lovely tradition to have and lets their imagination run wild. I used to love reading the Jacqueline Wilson and Harry Potter books when I was younger and most definitely hoping that they'll want me to read the Harry Potter books to them in a few years. We've got quite a lot of children's books and I get most of them in Asda/Tesco (on the 2 for £7 offer), Amazon or the Book People (who always have great offers on).

I wonder what he'll want to be dressed up as next year?...

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