Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Siblings Project // February 2017

I knew I wanted to take this months Siblings Project photos outside (as last months were just in Ollie's bedroom) but the weather has been rubbish so I didn't think it would actually happen. Plus the days of squeezing Elsie into her 3-6 month snowsuit are long gone and I can't justify buying a new one just for a few weeks (or so I hope, hurry up spring!). Then Monday happened! The actual sun was shining so we managed to get some photos in the wooded area by our house without the need for a million layers.

This was Elsie's first time sitting up by herself outside and I could barely get her to look at me. She was absolutely fascinated by the grass and leaves. She actually kept trying to eat the leaves so big brother to the rescue! He kept saying 'no leaves in mouth Elsie' and put them back on the ground, bless him. She did look like she was going to topple over a couple of times as the ground wasn't quite flat so Ollie was quick to put his arms around her, saying 'stop Elsie', so she couldn't fall. It was the cutest thing and I love how caring he is towards her. And don't worry, I was only a metre away!

This past month has seen Elsie start to watch Oliver more than ever. She laughs at him when he's singing/dancing/being a loon, she copies him when he's clapping by hitting her legs or the table with her arms and she's desperate to join in with whatever toy he's playing with. We've got a few days out planned for this next month so hopefully some good photo opportunities for next months post!


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