Saturday, 25 February 2017

Oliver's Bedroom Tour

Lightbox: This Modern Life // Elmer: JoJo Maman Bebe

I absolutely love the kids' bedrooms. I have to admit, decorating Elsie's has come a bit more naturally to me (possibly due to endless looking at baby girl nursery ideas on Pinterest when I was pregnant!) but I'm finally getting there with Ollie's room now. There's still a couple of things left to do, like paint his mountains wall behind his bed and paint his kitchen, as I ran out of time before Christmas. So here it is at the moment! I've put links to everything under the photos (unless it's not sold anymore) but let me know if I've missed something out and you'd like to know where it's from.

Ollie's room is a grey and white theme with a few bits of colour added in by books, photos and bedding. It used to be green and white when it was a nursery. The grey walls are painted with Dulux 'Just Walnut', which we've also used for Elsie's room, the lounge/diner and our bedroom too. It's the perfect light grey that goes with so many other colours. Oliver used to have grey furniture but that's been passed on to Elsie and replaced with white instead. He's had the white toy storage unit since he was a baby though and it's so handy. I used to use it to store bigger clothing sizes but each box has slowly been replaced with toys after each birthday and Christmas.

Star Curtains: John Lewis // Chest of Drawers: IKEA // Toy storage: IKEA // Book Shelves: IKEA // Grey Toy Basket: Next // Bean Bag: Molly Meg // Scrabble Cushion: This Modern Life

I love the book shelves from IKEA, they're probably my favourite part of his room. They're actually picture ledges but used to display books. I switch up the books displayed every month and do seasonal ones at Easter, Halloween and Christmas but the ones on display here are all of Ollie's favourites. I'm a sucker for a pretty book cover (that'll be the designer in me) and could spend a fortune in Waterstones! I just love the colour that they add to the room.

Large White Frame: IKEA // Small White Frames: IKEA

Every room in our house has plenty of photo frames in them. Whats the point of taking so many photos if you don't have your favourites on show?! I hate to replace any of the photos though so I just tend to add more photo frames, sorry about that Aled! 🙈 I saw the idea for the memory frame on Pinterest when I was pregnant with Ollie. I think it's such a lovely way of looking back at their first sleep suit and the little memories from hospital instead of them being in a box somewhere. Elsie's got a memory frame too and we've got lots of little ones in the garage with festival tickets and holiday souvenirs. I'll be doing a blog post soon on how I make them.

Kitchen: IKEA // BBQ: Very // Hoover: Argos // Toy Till: GLTC // Toy Cake: Wilko // Toy Tea Set: Wilko // Toy Toaster: Aldi // Toy Lollies: GLTC // Toy Metal Pans: Amazon

We got Ollie's kitchen from IKEA for Christmas. I added a dinosaur backing to it using some wrapping paper from a local card shop. I do want to paint all the beech timber parts white and customise it a bit further but it's on the to-do list! I sourced all wooden accessories for the kitchen as I wanted them to last long enough for Elsie to play with them in future and to be honest I think they look nicer than plastic ones. We were lucky that family and friends contributed towards the accessories for Ollie's Christmas presents.

Bed Frame: Mamas and Papas // Bedside Table: Mamas and Papas // Wardrobe: Mamas and Papas // Table and Chairs: IKEA // Large Frame: IKEA // World Print: NOTHS

Although Ollie's room isn't a standard square or rectangular shape, the layout works really well. His bed, bedside table and wardrobe are all on the right hand side when you walk in which leaves quite a bit of space for playing by the window. We used to have his teepee open in the corner before his kitchen came along. We just get the teepee out when he wants to play in it now but I might put it in Elsie's room permanently once the nursing chair has gone.

The map of the world poster was one of the first things I bought when we were decorating his nursery. It's from Not on the High Street and you can buy it in loads of different sizes and formats (poster, canvas and fine art print. It adds a bit of colour to the wall and will hopefully stay in his room for quite a few years as it isn't too babyish.

Bedding: Next // Cactus Light: Asda // Monitor: Amazon // Lion, Badger, Fox and Bunny: Jellycat // Gruffalo: Amazon // Mouse: Amazon

I've been looking for a bedside light for Ollie's room for ages. I found the cactus light in Asda when I was shopping with Mum in Broughton the other week and I love it. Elsie's got a similar type of light in her room and they give the perfect amount of light. He's got a couple of different bed covers, all are from Next, but the dinosaur one is his favourite so that one is on his bed the most. Bun bun goes to bed with him every night but one of the Grufflalo characters tend to get tucked in too (if not all of them, leaving no space for Ollie!).

Height Chart: Amazon

I picked up Ollie's height chart from a book shop in Conwy but you can get it off Amazon too. I would have bought the Gruffalo one if I'd have knows how obsessed he was going to end up being with it! I think I'll be charting Elsie's height on it too instead of buying one for her room.

I hope you've enjoyed having a little look around Ollie's room!



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