Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Me and Mine // February 2017

Another month of 2017 already gone! I can't believe we're going to be into March already tomorrow. February has been kind to us... we've had plenty of days out, a couple of play dates, a pretty healthy month food-wise (although the last week has been far from it 🐷), a date night, shopping day, valentines day and a week off altogether over half term. Managed to get a few things off an ongoing to-do list ticked off too which always makes me feel better too.

Our photos this month were just taken at home on the sofa, nothing exciting really but I love them nonetheless. I really wanted to take some photos outside at our local park but my Mum wasn't free to take them and then it started raining anyway so we had to make do! How do other families get there photos? Do you rope in a helper or just use the timer/remote? I'm going to have to get over any embarrassment of using the camera on a tripod out and about 🙈

March will see the start of my 'return to work' days. I've got three days in March and another three days in April before I go back full time at the beginning of May *sob*. I really need to go down to nursery this month and get Elsie's name down and sort out a couple of settling in days really. Maternity leave is whizzing by and I'm hoping that these last two months of it will slow down a little bit.

Sorry there's not much of an update this month but it's a bit of rush to get this written up tonight as both kids are having a coughing competition from there rooms and Ollie's already been up a couple of times crying bless him. Here's hoping that all our colds buggar off soon! Have a great March everyone :)


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