Tuesday, 28 February 2017

February Half Term

I had lots of plans for half term but unfortunately most of them didn't happen. With the weather being miserable (apart from Monday and Friday), Elsie teething like crazy and no one getting a good nights sleep, cosy days at home appealed more. However, we've got a crazy 3 year old to try and tire out so we tried to get out as much as possible. Seriously, he's only in playgroup for two hours every morning but he's mental without going there! I get tired just watching him run around like a loon!


We took a walk over to Conwy on Monday, something we like to do quite often. We live close to Conwy so it's an easy walk for Ollie and it's a great way to get us all out the house without costing too much or having to load the car up with a million things either. We almost always get ice creams from Parisella's Ice Cream Parlour. Their ice creams are amazing! Ollie always goes for strawberry or vanilla, Aled is a chocolate or ferrero rocher guy and I have quite a few favourites (honeycomb, ferrero rocher, eton mess, lemon meringue, rocky road... the list goes on!). They have a takeaway bit but there's stairs up to a eat-in cafe too where you can get hot and cold drinks, waffles and crepes. We tend to just stay in the takeaway bit (due to the pram being so big) until we've finished as I'm scared to death of seagulls and they are known for stealing your food round here 😷

There's a lovely traditional toy shop in Conwy called Yesteryears that we like to visit occasionally too. It has lots of wooden toys, jigsaws, cars, a huge Jellycat collection and lots more. As it was half term I said to Ollie that he could pick out a new jigsaw. Obviously, he picked a Gruffalo one and I've lost count of how many times he's put it together since!


Tuesday turned out to be a bit of a slow day really. We had Elsie's 6 month check up with the health visitor at lunchtime and then popped to town to look at a couple of things for the garden. Elsie's check up went really well, she's doing great with weaning and her milestones. She now weighs 19lb 8oz and is 70cm long. Our health visitor is lovely, we've had the same lady since Ollie was a newborn and I totally feel like I could ask her anything. She's been very reassuring and supportive of any worries we've had with his speech development too which has improved so much recently. Both Ollie and Elsie got a little bag of welsh books each to take home too.


It was raining on Wednesday... shocker! So we just went swimming in the morning and got a McDonalds for lunch as a treat. I absolutely love how much Ollie and Elsie enjoy going swimming. Obviously Elsie can't really do much yet but she gets super excited legs and is all smiles. Ollie is all about the jumping in and throwing watering cans of water all over us. We went to Llandudno pool for a change (we normally go to Colwyn Bay) as I feel like it's a lot cleaner there and they've got little toys by the pool for the kids to play with.

While we were there I put Ollie's name down for swimming lessons for when he turns 4 which I'm really excited about. Aled was a fantastic swimmer when he was younger (not so much any more... only joking Al!) and regularly competed in galas across Wales, so hopefully Ollie will follow in his footsteps rather then mine. I've never been a great swimmer, mainly due to the fact that I skipped as many sport related activities as I could in school (yep I was that person who looked for any excuse... I'm sure a broken toe got me out of 6 weeks of PE once 😂).


Well hello Storm Doris. Jesus Christ was she a bitch. You can probably guess that Thursday was a write off. Typically Ollie was on full threenager mode that day too so the iPad did a lot of entertaining. Most of the time, Ollie is pretty well behaved really. Granted we have our fair share of whinging and strops because he doesn't want to get dressed or some other ridiculous reason but every so often we have a terrible day. And Thursday was it. Thankfully Aled was home too so we could take turns in dealing with him!


On Friday morning we all got ready and out the house by 9 to get to the train station. Well only just, cue Elsie's first poo explosion minutes before we were due to leave! One of our friends is a train driver and he'd asked if Ollie would like to come down and 'drive' the train. He loves trains so I'm so grateful that he asked. We got on at Llandudno Junction, and then when the train got to Llandudno we had a 15 minute break where Ollie could go and see how to drive the train before we headed back to Junction and walked home.

He was a bit unsure at first (shy more than anything) but loved it in the end. He got to do the horn a few times which he loved and kept talking about it all day. He's only been on the train once before and we should do it more often really as he really does enjoy it. Elsie seemed to have fun too, sat on the table watching the world go by!

In the afternoon we went up to Llyn Crafnant for a walk. I'd never been up there before and although it was beautiful, I don't think we'll be going again as the road up there is a bit of a nightmare! We had a lovely time walking alongside the lake though, throwing stones into the water and looking for the perfect stick man for Ollie. I almost lost my brand new glasses though... took them off and put them on the pram for a picture then forgot about them and carried on walking. Realised after about 10 metres and had me and Aled looking for them on a slate path 😂🙈 it was a miracle that we actually found them and they were still intact! Such an idiot.

So Friday was a good day and, looking back, we did get to do some nice things during half term really. I think more than anything, the mum guilt sets in if you don't get out at least once a day, even if its just a short walk to the park. Literally can't wait for Spring/Summer and *hopefully* some better weather so days out aren't so rare.


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