Sunday, 19 February 2017

Elsie's 6 Month Update

We are officially half way to one! At six months old, Elsie is weighing approximately 20lb and measuring 70cms long/tall (I think anyway, bit tricky to weigh and measure her at home but we've got her 6 month check up with the health visitor on Tuesday so I'll know for sure then). Teething has still been in full force this past month but no sign of any popping through. Hopefully it'll be this month *fingers crossed*.

We're onto our second month of weaning which is going so well. The only thing she doesn't like so far is avocado. I've lost track of how many different fruits and veg we've tried now (wanted to make sure we get plenty of variety) and although banana is still one of the favourites she pretty much likes anything we put in front of her. Long may that continue! She still has four bottles a day (8am, 11am, 3pm and 7pm) and 3 meals too (8:30am, 12pm and 5pm). I think she'll be dropping the 11am bottle before I know it because she's not that fussed about it. She's started doing this cute thing when you give her a bottle at the moment of scratching your hand or arm as a comfort.

She can sit up so well now so this month she's sat in the trolley at the supermarket and been on the swings in the park for the first time. She loved sitting in the trolley (so nosey!) and just wondered what the hell was going on in the park bless her. She's been starting to try and shuffle about on the floor this month too. She can spin herself around in a circle but can't go back or forward yet. I wouldn't be surprised if she got moving this month as Ollie was six months old when he started crawling too (but I'm in no rush, I'll have to have eyes in the back of my head then!).

When Elsie gets excited about something now she gets super excited legs and arms and does this high pitched squeal. It's so cute but completely ear-piercing too. Speaking of squealing, she's completely found her voice and I've got a feeling she'll be a right chatterbox once she can babble away. Ollie wasn't one for babbling/talking much as a baby but she definitely is 💗


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