Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board Review

We always knew we wanted to have more than one child, so when we were deciding on which pram to buy when I was pregnant with Ollie, I did debate buying the Bugaboo Donkey. It would be perfect for one baby and then adapt when the second little one came around. But with it being considerably bigger to store and navigate around shops, and us not being sure on what the age gap would be anyway, I picked the Buffalo instead.

So, naturally, when we found out we were expecting Elsie I started to wonder how Ollie would cope with being evicted from the pram. He was going to be 2 years and 8 months old when Elsie was born so we started 'weaning' him off the pram a few months before she arrived as he was still using it quite often. I knew that Bugaboo did a buggy board but I hadn't realised that they'd brought out one with a seat! I ordered it straight away, along with the adapters for the Buffalo and the Bee3 and put it on the pram in July to get him used to it before his sister arrived in August.

He absolutely loves his little 'seat', which I'm so relieved about. I had visions of him constantly running off because he wouldn't be strapped into the pram, when in reality he's 3 now (not my baby, *sob*) and will happily stay on it or walk alongside us. He hops on and off whenever he pleases, standing on it most of the time but has learnt to have a sit down if he's a bit tired (he's fallen asleep on it a couple of times bless him).

The board itself is really well made. It doesn't look out of place on either pram and can be kicked up out of the way if its not in use. The seat is slightly padded and the entire board sits towards the right side of the pram so that you can sort of walk on the left a bit more instead of it being slap bang in the centre and in the way all the time. It clips on and off the pram really easily which makes it easy to put into the car or swap between prams or just take off if Ollie's not with us.

I'd definitely recommend the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board if you've got a Bugaboo and a toddler who's not quite ready to walk everywhere yet. It is a bit pricey (£90 for the board and £9.95 for the clips) but totally been worth it for the amount of use we've already had from it. You can buy it from Mothercare.


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