Monday, 6 February 2017

Aber Falls Trip

I love going for a walk up Aber Falls. I can remember going for walks up there with my Mum and Dad when I was younger and I want my little ones to have the same memories. It's located at the village of Abergwyngregyn (by Llanfairfechan), which is only a 15 minute drive away for us. The walk itself is about 2.5 miles and is definitely family friendly. You can take a pram all the way up to the falls (although our Bugaboo Bee definitely wouldn't make it, it's a breeze with the Buffalo) and there's toilets at the car park and plenty of spots to have a picnic.

Today was Elsie's first trip to Aber Falls. I think I was about 5 months pregnant when we stopped going up there as the huge, knackered, pregnant whale that I was couldn't hack it anymore. Totally different to Ollie's pregnancy, when we walked up there on my due date! She started off as all smiles but teething is kicking her little bum at the moment so after some Anbesol and Calpol she ended up sleeping throughout the whole trip bless her.

We saw a huge improvement in Ollie today, he walked the whole way up without being carried once! It's a long way for little legs so I'm super proud of him. He did get carried most of the way down but he was dead on his feet by then. We had a little picnic when we got to the falls but it was cut short as it started raining and someone (me) forgot the rain cover for the pram so we had to start walking back to the car.

Even though we took the pram with us, I think we're going to look at getting one of the Little Life baby carriers so we can go on more walks, as I don't know many others that we could take the pram on. I did debate putting Elsie in the Solly wrap but if she woke up for some lunch it would have been a bit awkward to feed her (bottles are easy in it though).

We were accompanied by Stick man, naturally, and Ollie kept telling us that we were walking next to the 'deep dark wood' along with countless reenactments of the Gruffalo. Starting to wonder if he's ever going to talk about anything else! All in all a lovely family walk and a Sunday well spent 💗


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