Wednesday, 22 February 2017

4moms Mamaroo Review

After the car seat, pram and nursery furniture, the 4moms Mamaroo is the most expensive baby purchase I've ever made. So naturally, I hesitated at first because no one wants to part with £300 in a rush. When Oliver was a baby, we had a Winnie the Pooh rocker from Mothercare that vibrated and played lullabies. He absolutely loved it and used it until he was about 5 or 6 months old. We kept it in the garage for baby number two but it was no where near good enough for Miss Elsie!

When I was pregnant with Elsie, a friend told me about the Mamaroo and said I should get one, but as I mentioned it's very expensive and I figured she would be fine with Oliver's bouncer. However, she was a completely different baby. She needed constant movement if she was fussing, something I couldn't offer every time (to my upset) with a toddler to run around after and a house to keep tidy. So after a couple of weeks of juggling a velcro baby and a crazy toddler, I made the decision to buy one. Luckily it was on offer with Mamas and Papas at the time and I had a £15 gift card to use too, so it cost about £190. 

It was packaged really nicely (I'm totally one of those weirdos that appreciates pretty and simple packaging) and was very easy to put together. The fabric can be easily unzipped and thrown in the wash which is always handy and you can order a separate newborn insert to make it a bit more snug, we didn't need that though as Elsie was 10lb 12oz when she was born! It's mains operated and has 5 different movements and 5 different speed settings. It also has 5 built-in sounds but comes with a small aux cable to plug your phone into to play custom music too. There's also a removable arm that slots into the top of the Mamaroo that holds 3 fabric balls that can be placed with a black and white pattern facing the seat (perfect for newborns) or a colourful pattern. Ours was always in the lounge and we never noticed it to be too noisy, even on the fastest setting.

We used the Mamaroo from when Elsie was about 2.5 weeks old to around 4.5 months. She didn't take to it straight away, it took a couple of weeks to figure out which settings worked best for her (it was 'Car Ride' on speed 5 for anyone wondering) but she grew to love it and I honestly don't know how I'd have gotten Ollie fed an ready for Cylch and out the door by 8:45am without it on some days.  In the early days, Elsie would spend quite a bit of time in it as all she wanted to do was sleep, but once she became more alert in the day, she wasn't that keen on being in there awake. She still loved to nap in it, but it got to the point where Ollie being all loud and roaring like a dinosaur at the top of his voice would wake her up so that's when we started getting her to nap in the cot.

Am I glad we had it? Yes, 100%. Is it worth the money? No. It's an impressive piece of kit and we definitely got plenty of use out of it but I wouldn't say it warrants the £300 price tag. I managed to sell ours on a local Facebook site for £160 so it only cost me £30 really. If you can afford it, I would recommend getting one, especially if your little one is suffering with colic or reflux. You can currently get the Classic Grey Mamaroo on offer in Mamas and Papas for £239.99.


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  1. I loved ours too and will be using it for baby number 3. I couldn't justify the cost though but luckily our wedding photographers (Lawson) gave us theirs! The genuinely nicest people you'll ever meet! :)


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