Sunday, 15 January 2017

Solly Baby Wrap Review

I didn't even think about getting a wrap or baby carrier for when Oliver was a baby, partly because he was a super chilled out baby and even if he was needing more comfort than normal, he had my undivided attention. However, I knew this would never be the case with a second baby, I'd need something to free up my hands to play with Oliver but still be able to comfort the new arrival if he/she wouldn't settle.
I came across the Solly Baby wraps on Instagram and they appealed to me straight away. I'm not a huge fan of the baby carriers that have lots of straps and everything (not that I've tried one), but I definitely prefer the look of wraps as they blend into your clothing more and look comfier.

The wrap has not disappointed at all. It is so easy to put on and really comfy for me and Elsie (not that I can ask her but she's always happy or falls asleep in there so she must like it!). The first couple of times I wore it I used a mirror and watched the tutorial videos on Youtube to guide me but I soon got used to it and I can put it on in under a minute now (handy for rushing out for the school run!).

I've used mine mainly to go on long walks in the countryside, going to the park and the school run. I've not used it much inside the house because if Elsie does need comforting then you have to keep moving, so it makes more sense to go out for a walk. I've used the wrap on really sunny days when she was born and on the cold days recently where she's been in a snowsuit and it's been fine in both, she hasn't been sweaty in it or too cold either.

The Solly Baby wraps come in a range of different patterns and colours, I picked the Blush Swiss Dot (I think that's what it was called at the time) as soon as we found out we were having a little girl. You can only order them direct from America, as far as I know, and it worked out as about £60 after you've paid for the wrap ($65) and shipping ($10).

 I wish I'd had one for when Ollie was a baby as it's so nice to have them so close, I never want Elsie to grow out of hers! So if you are looking at getting a wrap or carrier for your new arrival, I'd highly recommend the Solly Baby. Have a look at their website or Instagram page for any more info.

Above is the first time I wore the wrap when Elsie was under a week old (didn't realise that you can pull the wrap over your shoulders!) and below are some of the times I've worn it over the last five months.


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  1. Mine has just arrived - plus a £20 customs charge! Hope I get my money's worth out of it! ��


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