Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Siblings Project // January 2017

I'm a bit late to the party with my first 'Siblings Project' post (I think it's meant to be uploaded on the 15th of the month) but I really wanted to be involved with it for the full year. It's run by Lucy at Dear Beautiful and I think it's a lovely idea. Although our first photos have just been taken at home in Oliver's room, I'm in love with them! Now that Elsie can sit up unaided, it's a lot easier to get photos of the two of them together. Plus, whenever I go to take a photo of Elsie on her own now, Oliver immediately wants in on the action.
I'm an only child, so watching the bond between these two has been special since the moment we brought Elsie home from hospital. But it's starting to come into it's own now that Elsie can sit and play with her big brother. I'm beyond excited to see what it'll be like when she's on the move. Will she follow him? Or will he be more interested in following her? Either way, I don't think we'll see Minnie (our cat) for a few months once Elsie is moving, she's desperate to get her hands on her!

Oliver has been so loving towards his little sister since she was a newborn (don't get me wrong, there's been the odd poke and prod from time to time but nothing malicious). The last couple of weeks has seen him turn into the ultimate caring big brother though, saying 'it's ok Elsie, don't worry, you're ok' when she's crying for a bottle (too cute) and alllll the kisses and cuddles followed up with 'I love my sister, Mummy' (cue ridiculous emotional crying from me). He often presents her with piles of his toys to play with but is also pretty quick to take toys off her too, taste of things to come I guess!

This year of sibling photos should be amazing to look back on as Elsie will develop from just being able to sit next to Oliver to toddling after him by December. And thank you to Emily from Emily and Indiana for letting me know about the project 💗


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  1. So glad you're joining in, it's such a lovely linky :). I can't believe how grown up Elsie is looking already! Xx


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