Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Oh help, oh no.... it's a Gruffalo!

We love to go walking with the kids, even though one can't walk yet! Oliver is getting better each time we go and I can't wait until we can take him up Snowdon in a couple of years. We plan to go walking quite a bit this spring/summer as it's great exercise for all of us... and it's free! Always a bonus, especially while I'm on maternity leave.
We've been to Delamere Forest about four or five times now. We first went when Oliver was about 16 months old as I'd heard about the Gruffly trail from a friend. Obviously, he was pretty oblivious at that age as to why we were there but it was a lovely walk (Delamere Forest is stunning). There was the Stick Man trail there too once but that was just for a couple of months, the Gruffalo is always there.

Oliver has been mad for the Grufflalo since about November. I've read him the book a few times before but he watched the animation of it and has been hooked ever since! He recites pieces from the book all the time, it's the cutest thing ever. So it only seemed natural to take him to Delamere now he understands who the Gruffalo is. He was so excited bless him, insisting that we take Mouse with us for our 'picnic to see Grufflalo in the forest'.

The route to the Gruffalo is really family friendly, we've taken the pram every time we've been and theres been no problems (although our little pram probably couldn't hack it, the bigger one is fine). There's no ridiculously steep parts or anything and it's really well signposted all the way around. Oliver was so excited when we got to the Gruffalo, he immediately recited the whole rhyme 'he has terrible tusks, and terrible claws....' (I'm sure you know the rest!).

We seemed to have picked the coldest day ever for our trip this time so we all had a bazillion layers on to keep warm. But the forest looked so beautiful with all the frost, it was lovely to see it like that as we normally go in the Summer.

I'd highly recommend a visit to Delamere Forest if you're local to it (takes us just under an hour to get there) and you must buy a chocolate brownie from the cafe, THEY. ARE. AMAZING. To find your nearest Gruffalo sculpture, have a look on the Forestry Commission's website.

The only downside to the trip is that Oliver wanted to go to the toilet just as we started walking back to the car, but only wanted to go at home so cue an emotional walk back! We said he could go to the cafe about twenty times but he said he wanted to wait and held on all the way home bless him. Which is why he wasn't quite feeling the family selfie, another time maybe!


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