Thursday, 19 January 2017

Elsie's 5 Month Update

It's such a cliche to say 'where have the months gone?!' when you have a baby, but honestly time really does go too quickly. I forever go between being excited that Elsie's learning new tricks and developing her little character and then longing for the squishy newborn cuddles and windy smiles again 💗
Elsie is now five months old and I can't believe how much she's grown and changed in such a short time. This past month she's started eating solid food, celebrated her first christmas and has learnt to sit up, so a pretty big month for our little pudding. She now weighs 19lb and measures 69cm long. Just like Oliver did, she's flying through clothing sizes and we're already in 6-9! To be honest I think Oliver slowed down when he reached 9-12 because he was crawling and walking by then so started losing a bit of his baby weight.

I wasn't that fussed about starting to wean Elsie at four months but she was more than ready for it. 8oz bottles were barely keeping her full for two hours, she was smacking her lips when she could see us eating and her routine was starting to disappear due to the hunger. So, at bang on four months we started and it's been going really well! I'm not putting any pressure on her and we're making sure that we're trying plenty of different tastes. I'm alternating between homemade purees and the Ella's Kitchen pouches. Her favourites so far have been bananas, carrots, blueberries and prunes. The main two she's not liked are peas and broccoli. I'm so excited to start a bit of baby led weaning once she gets to six months as she really wants to get involved!

Her first Christmas was so lovely, she got absolutely spoilt rotten by friends and family. We managed to subject her to her fair share of festive themed outfits (some of which I've managed to get in the sale for next year too!) so I've got plenty of pictures to look back on. She wasn't a happy bunny when we actually sat down for our christmas dinner (teething) but it was a lovely day running up to then.

The biggest milestone this month is learning how to sit up. She's so proud of herself when she's sat up, she squeals with excitement! It's the cutest little thing. Elsie seems to be hitting all the milestones at the same sort of age that Oliver did so I'm hoping she'll copy him and cut her two bottom teeth this month. She was teething really badly over Christmas, it eased off for a bit at the beginning of the month but is really bugging her again now bless her. Thank god for Anbesol 🙌

The biggest difference between Oliver and Elsie at this age is that she is way more 'grabby' than he was. She's nosey as hell, so anything within grabbing distance, she wants to get hold of. He was way more 'you can bring it to me' aka lazy!

Let's see what tricks she can learn this month 💗


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